DJ Products, Inc.

DJ Products, Inc.


Material Handling Equipment - Mfg.

About Us

DJ Products, Inc. manufactures machines that eliminate the pain and strain of manually pulling and pushing heavy carts and wheeled equipment. We make smaller, less costly, and more maneuverable machines than any other company in our industry. Engineered for a wide range of industries and applications, our products allow one person to push and pull trailers, equipment carts, heavy wheeled machinery, automobiles, airplanes, waste containers and all types of material handling loads.

Streamline your operations by investing in our motorized cart or electric trailer dollies to increase productivity, efficiency, and safety standards.


Customer maneuvering a loaded semi-trailer with the TrailerCaddy
Relocating a 5,000 lb. piece of machinery with the CartCaddy
WasteCaddy maneuvering a heavy waste container at an apartment complex
CarCaddy Car Pusher relocating a vehicle at an auto mechanic shop
AircraftCaddy pulling a personal airplane out of the hangar