About Us

Northeaster is the every-home-delivered community newspaper for Northeast Minneapolis, St. Anthony, Columbia Heights and Hilltop. Our Mission: Finding out stuff and putting it in the paper or online since 1978. Click here for publication schedule 2022 or 2023.

The Northeaster started when neighborhood revitalization efforts saw need for a way to notify and unite residents, businesses, and other players as an alternative to the big metro papers and formula suburban papers; one that was delivered to every home without need for subscription.

Pro Media, Inc. owned and managed the Northeaster November 1981 to November 2022. It was expanded to cover the nearby suburbs in 1983 to meet audience and advertiser demand. was crowd-funded which said a lot – positive – about audiences and the future, as well as providing funds. We continue to appreciate our audiences as contributions come in to help us weather inflation. Another local company, My Media Inc., now owns the paper.

Northeast is now an arts and entertainment destination, which creates new sets of dialogs and more sets of eyes on us than ever.

You never know what – or who – you’ll bump into in the Northeaster; it’s where you go to find out what’s going on.