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About Us

Memorial Blood Centers (MBC) has been saving lives in the community since 1948 as an independent nonprofit organization that supplies life-saving blood and blood components to more than 30 hospital partners and more than a dozen air ambulances in Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin. We welcome tens of thousands of donors who roll up their sleeves and donate blood at our 10 donor centers throughout Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin. We also partner with businesses, community and civic groups, high schools and colleges, and places of worship to conduct thousands of blood drives each year that help us connect even more volunteers who donate with the thousands of people in need of their life-saving gift. We strive to make a difference through rich and rewarding partnerships that inform, inspire, and engage everyone in saving and sustaining lives through blood donation.

Memorial Blood Centers is a division of Innovative Blood Resources (IBR), which in 2016 formed strategic partnerships with New York Blood Center (NYBC) to create one of the nation’s leading blood centers, serving patients in the Northeast, Midwest, and nationally. Memorial Blood Centers continues to build its local connections as a vital community resource that provides quality blood and biomedical services to our customers and partners.

For more information, call 1-888-GIVE-BLD or visit MBC.ORG.


Mike and Elena Perfect, who know firsthand the life-saving power of blood donors.
One of Memorial Blood Centers' fleet of bloodmobiles.
A blood donor helping to save lives in our community.
Blood donors and volunteers teaming up to save lives.
The Burroughs family, whose daughter Teresa needed blood transfusions.