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Welcome to Game Show Studio, where the thrill of game shows comes alive! Step into the spotlight and feel the rush of competition as you take on our exciting challenges. With charismatic hosts and the thrill of competition, the experience is nothing short of exhilarating. At Game Show Studio Roseville, we pride ourselves on offering an array of engaging game formats that include trivia challenges, survey games, and much more. Whether you're a trivia whiz or an adventure enthusiast, our variety ensures there's something for everyone. Our game show experiences go beyond entertainment – they're about building connections. From corporate team-building events to family fun, our challenges encourage teamwork, communication, and collaboration.


Contestant Spins the Wheel of Wonder
Wheel of Wonder Game Show
Contestants Celebrate Win
Corporate Event at Game Show Studio
Planko Board at Game Show Studio
Contestant Laughs at Game Show Studio Roseville
Suspense of Wheel of Wonder Spin
Mystery Hat at Game Show Studio
Game Show Studio Roseville Contestants Cheering for Team
Game Show Studio Host High-Fives Contestants